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Pictandu-l pe Iisus / Painting Jesus

Pictandu-l pe Iisus / Painting Jesus | Pe de-a cerul / Skyways | Loc de stat /  A Place to Settle | Eclipsa totala de Soare / Total Eclipse of the Sun |

Pictandu-l pe Iisus

Gandul se logodi cu tainele siderale
pe-o piatra de rau solitara…
Coroana de spini, infernala,
greu incercata de valuri teatrale,
inimii ii stinse culoarea
spre rosu putred…
Undele au rupt stransoarea,
spin cu spin,
ducand raul chin la vale…

Gandul se logodi cu larma strazii,
colorand tricoul fosforescent al noptii in gri…
Cuiele coclite
in punctele cardinale ale existentei
au ranit porii zilei
spre verde ranced…
Aerul spala tricornul intunericului,
foton cu foton,
umbrele amarui imbrancind jgheaburile cerului…

Gandul se logodi cu peretele chiliei,
pe-o icoana de lemn dulce…
Trupul pasi peste ape-ncretite,
lumina sparse tamplele norilor
cu flori de leandru…
Albul se facu stindard,
om cu om,
pictandu-l pe Iisus
in templul fiintei…

Painting Jesus

The thought was betrothed unto sideral mysteries
on a secluded river stone…
The horrendous crown of thorns,
cruelly hardened by histrionic waves,
washed out the heart’s colour
to putrid red…
The tidal wave set the wrapped weeds loose,
thorn by thorn,
tumbling the excruciating pain downstream…

The thought was betrothed unto the street hubbub,
dyeing the night’s fluorescent T-shirt grey…
The verdigris nails
paralysed at the cardinal points of existence
tarnished the day’s pores
to rancid green…
The air cleansed the tricorn of darkness,
photon by photon,
the bitterish shadows pushing the floodgates open…

The thought was betrothed unto the hermitage wall,
on icons of licorice root…
The body walked on rippling waters,
light shattered the clouds’ temporal bones
with oleander flowers…
The white gushed into a flag,
man by man,
painting Jesus
in the temple of the being…

Pe de-a cerul

Si unul si altul
Pacalim pe-alocuri harta,
Pe de-a dreapta,
Pe de-a gata,
Pe de-a gata,
Pe de-a soarta,
De n-ar fi sub coasta

Si unul si altul
Tesem pe-ndelete gerul,
Pe de-a susul,
Pe de-a josul,
Pe de-a josul,
Pe de-a cerul,
De n-ar fi in ganduri

Si unul si altul
Mutam tarmul fericirii,
Pe de-a sudul,
Pe de-a latul,
Pe de-a latul,
Pe de-a-ntregul,
De n-ar fi pe lume

Si unul si altul
Dam vartelnitei tot sporul,
Pe de-a totul,
Pe de-a faptul,
Pe de-a faptul,
Pe de-a rodul,
De n-ar fi pe haina


Both me and you
Diddle the map here and there,
Wish the wheel weren’t
Right under the rib…

Both me and you
Weave the frost leisurely,
Wish the iron weren’t
Stiffened in the thought…

Both me and you
Shift the shores of blessedness,
Wish the wart weren’t
All around the world…

Both me and you
Make the spinning wheel’s headway,
Wish the north weren’t
Pinned on the overcoat…

Loc de stat

Draga vreme,
pune-ti cleme,
peste steme,
prin analeme,
seci dileme…
Ziua-i noapte,
dealu-i munte,
anu-i veac.

De-ndraznesc visul prin gene,
teama mi-e de praf celest.
De imbrac pietrisu-n trene,
tremura intregul lest.
De ma-ncumet in troiene,
turturii-nvat sa-i detest.
Daca bat la porti cu mrene,
ma tinteste vant de est.

Rostuieste-ti doru-n semne !
Gandu-mi va urzi palat…
Nu arde secunde-n lemne !
Clepsidra avida in noi s-a mutat.
Poarta-ti roata mai alene !
Da-ne timp pentru oftat !
Cand ne-mbie dulci sirene,
da-ne, vreme, loc de stat !

A Place to Settle

Father Time, I’ll pay my dime,
fasten your wheel clamps
on rolling golden diadems,
over eccentric analemmas,
covering harsh dilemmas,
slow your clip-clop, days would change
into nights, hillside’s a mountain range,
all year round eternity is strange.

If eyelashes take refuge into dreams,
I fear the divine cosmic dust,
If I wrap gravel in streams,
all the ballast trembles fast.
If I venture into snowdrifts,
icicles will I detest.
If I knock on barbel gates,
eastern winds aim at my chest.

Show me signs of love, you should !
My mind a palace will swiftly frame…
Do not consume the seconds for firewood !
The voracious clepsydra over us will reign.
Idly spin your thread, will you ?
Let us while away in sighing !
When the mermaid enchantment holds true,
Father Time, a place to settle in wait is lying !

Eclipsa totala de Soare

Foreaza eclipsa totala de Soare −
ploaie acida ingramadita pe nervurile mele chircite,
o noua era glaciara-n inele ma doare,
oare mi-au fost toate clepsidrele de dor vamuite ?

Tot mai deslusit vanturam seminte de innegurare
din meduze de mazariche masluite cu vise voalate,
pleava spurcata zgariata-ntr-un iatagan de strigat
se plimba regeste pe bruma din cotloanele plate. 

In aer incovoiat jucati deja de-a valma
prin antecamerele gloriei holbate pantomime,
frigul serpuit intra pe coate in frunze, mai
deslusesc inca un prag si merg tinandu-ma de mine…

Total Eclipse of the Sun               

The total eclipse of the Sun is drilling –
acid rain squeezing my dwarfed veins,
a further ice age is crouching my growth rings,
have all my love clepsydras lost their aims ?

Ever more distinctly we winnow seeds of mist
fused from Medusa sleet and foul fogged reveries,
the vile chaff scratched in a yelling yatagan’s wrist
is walking with kings on hoarfrost in flat cavities.

In curved atmosphere you play in ludicrous pantomimes,
higgledy-piggledy, in the antechambers of goggled glory,
the slithering cold elbows through leaves and hives,
I grasp the last sill and step higher, banishing my worry…

Din volumul bilingv  "Prizonier in fier / A Shackled Prisonniere" , editura Aethicus, Timişoara

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